Consider The Lilies


I’m sprawled on the ground. Eyes peeled, cracked, strained, weary, weak, tired. Tired of being. Tired of seeking. Where is it? Where is He? I was almost there.

Anxiety. Thirst to the point of death. What will ease this dry-as-dust self? This never-ending search? I feel my bones snapping, one by one, slowly. I feel my soul taking its ragged breath, giving in- at its final draw. I feel my eyes fluttering, fighting to remain here. Now. But… I… Just… Can’t…

But Then. 

From a long way off, I see someone, and it looks like they’re sprinting. Sprinting towards what? And in a moment, I realize… it’s towards me.

And it’s Him.

And my soul begins to find its color- slowly, and then all at once when I see the purity of His glowing outline drawing nearer- when I see the beauty of His features bending down towards me. I shield my eyes to look into the most glorious face I’ve ever seen.

Consider the lilies of the field,” He gently whispers into my desperate ears. “Stop toiling. Stop spinning. You’ve sought and not found. Did you think you would? Beloved, I am here. My child, seek me. I will give you all you need. Come.” 

And in one, sure movement, He scoops me into His arms and carries my bedraggled body the rest of the way home. And I’ve never felt more known, more safe, more sure of what’s to come. Hope is come. He is here, and He is all I need.

My soul rests in His embrace.

I am His, and He is mine. 

Thoughts, Ideas, Feelings pulled from Matthew 6:25-34 & Luke 15. 

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